Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today Update

In the morning shift trading activities, confirmed market easily can break 1165 and may challenge 1170. A lot of people may not ezrn any single cents from this move. The oil palm future market hit the lower and heavy weight of KLSE index member, that is IOI and SimeDarby and other oil palm facing a heavy sell force. This mislead activities brings people no intend to buy any stock in last 10 days.

As a trader, we are should aware one or two factors does not bring any heavy impact to the overall run. It means a lot of investors still applying simple mathematic theory to invest shares.
Therefore, i won not surprise this round they could not make any single cents.

After reviewing 1st shift today run, i still insist the market will move up another 10 pts to challenge the 1170. I am here still recommend HWGB and SAAG -WA again for contra playing.

By the way, after market reach the 1170 points level, i predict market may have a adjustment around 15 point range. That is from 1150 to 1170, The funds manager will playing on this level.

At last, market may face a heavy adjustment again by the followings condition : -

A) OIL PALM hit low at 2300.
b) USA DJone broke 11,000

If the above bad issue does not happen in these 2 weeks, the marginal playing is very attractive.

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