Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Market Update - 29/7/08

A lot of people wondering, Why Bank Negara never increase the interest rate? Actually i do agree with the Bank Negara Policy, It won not follow other economist stupid view to adjust the interest policy.

Remember FED reduce the interest at USA to fulfil media need. The minority interest try to influence the market. Hence, the only benefit go to thier pocket.

The independence and long term planning by Bank Negara actually should meet and fit the challenge of the future.

Bank Negara brought very good step because they maybe aware that if we increase the interest rate we must face risk on the US dollar stronger in the soonest time. So, if US dollar in the next month strong, is it means that we must need to increase the interest again. Because, now increase interest to reduce inflaction finall eating/eliminate by US dollar again.

So, I think BNegara aready forseed this trend and plan ahead after the US dollar stronger in the world market only increase the interest.

By the way, this move already help KLSE hit 1150. And i forsee market can touch 1169 remain unchange. Today recommend, SAAG -WA and HWGB for short term by heavy volume

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