Thursday, July 17, 2008

US market Vs KLSE

A lot of people always claimed that if DJ up, we should follow it. But this is stupid theory, because in the investment, no such things is same.

Like similiar business done by 2 diffrence company. The price of thier shares also difference. TMI Vs DIGI
Commerce VS Pbbank.

It can be apply a simple theory for investment. It seems like a 1+1=2 so simple and direct. If you are continue base on this simple theory, the losses may continue and consistency happen in you life.

At last, i am still insist buying KNM- ca to earn little money. Will you follow?

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古小玉 said...

Very riskly to buy warrants nowaday, have to buy n sell VERY FIRST especially when market is down now, if did not monitor the price movement can easily become "the tied crab". I bought those HK warrants last year and at initial two weeks gained about 15T, but one month later I lost back 50T just in one month cos the price dropped so fast until I could not sell it to cut loss. KNM-ca good buy ? I bet u r losing money now. Last week I targeted to buy those penny stocks like IRIS, PJI, GPERAK, GPA..and at the end I bought IRIS at price 0.1 rather than to buy PJI at price 0.035 and GPERAK at 0.04 cos I feel IRIS is a more stable company if compare with PJI & GPERAK, furthermore IRIS price has dropped from historical high RM1.45 to 0.1, thought can gain some money, but..argg.. look at the today price for PJI & GPERAK, seems like got ppl want to "play" this two stocks and the prices went up like rocket the last few trading days. However, IRIS price still dropping, damm it, bought the wrong share. :(