Sunday, August 3, 2008

Market may hit again 1180 in the next week?

Today, is market off day. But in order to give an opinion for investor ready on Monday trading. I am here giving some idea on my view on next week trading.

Basically, the DJ will run at 11,200 to 11,700 points. The up and down is within 500 points range.

HK market and Taiwan will hit a 24,000 points and 8,200 points respectively.

So, if the above prediction is correct. Why shall we do in next week for KLSE?

If u r a index player, i am advice is "Every adjustment just buying in and take profit for every 20 points UP".

If u r a stock players, buy Call warrant for those stock related to index link counter. Especially those stock link to HK market. This strategy is using a small capital to enjoy this small run.


古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

Bro, got make any money recently? I m very bc nowaday, no time to monitor n analyse the market also. Well, just notice there are many syndicate control stocks i.e. HWGB, KUB, IRIS, DBHD, PJI,LIONCOR & Equine very actively trade in the market and the volume also very high. Anyway, I predict IRIS, KUC & HWGB will shoot up very soon as I feel the syndicate are collecting stocks at the back now and then push up the prices like rocket. If IRIS shoot up, probably Novamsc & Mobif will follow cos the same syndicate is 'playing' the stocks. My another prediction is those HK warrants will be actively traded in the market next week due to Olympic, the HK & China market should be very good during this period and the punters may take this oppunity to push up the prices. This is just my opinion, let see what will happen. Good luck to u!!