Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Circle of Life Vs Investments (人生vs 投资)

In the shares investment market, actually you could aware and capture a lot of meaning of life.

In your life, you are always face the difficulty on selecting one from others, because it may cause some parties are shame or blame. But in the shares market, although you are choosing the wrong counter to buy. The results only cause you lose or make profit. It would not be shameful or be blame. Thus, selection or make decision is same but the consequences is totally difference. So, I rather to select trading in shares market was my major agenda in my life.

In your circular of life, you always must face uncertainty. If you pick wrong direction, you may brings you lose everything. But in the shares market, lose money does not lose the future. It is only seems like an objective question for you to select or pick. If your are choose the wrong answer, the final results only is losing money. The important thing is, although your are wrong to select the correct answer but it will not bring any hurt to someone. That only is a money game.

To be a winner, important is “ Attitude of Individual”. This is a main reason for everyone to define whether he/she can earn money from shares investment”
在你的生命里。你可能时常要很困难二选一。只因为这可能会让其中一部分人难堪和指责。但在股市, 虽然你选择不对。 最终是输光,绝不会让其中一部分人难堪和指责。因此虽然同一个道理, 但最终结果不同, 所以我宁愿选择面对股市.

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