Monday, July 21, 2008

Market has a small up run

Market seems got a small rebound, today market KLSE index hit as low as drop about 16 points. It seems like very bad but after 2.30pm has changed the sentiment to better. It is a signal of turn up.

Recomended buy KNM-CA again to enjoy the marginal profit.


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古小玉 said...

700 only ok lar, not so hurt. My frd bought at 0.075 and sold at 0.06 to cut lose. He loss approx 9.3T. Lucikly sold fast cos today closing was 0.045 or else another 9T will be gone. Anyway, he bought the Kimble at price 0.065, PJI at 0.05 and KBunai at 0.065. As of today, total paper paper gain for this 3 stock is about 20T just for 2 days only. I bought the wrong stock, IRIS. I shd follow him cos the trend is not towards to mesdaq yet. Damm it!