Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As at today, after market faced a heavy adjustment in the past 6 months. A lot of counter listing in KLSE already broke their par value price. It was brought everybody in doubt, Why this can happen?

For me, I wont surprise because in the demand and supply theory plus the actual valuation on the said company. It is realistic and true. As I always claimed to the investors. Share prise actually starting from Zero. If one day they go back to Zero, this is not surprising.

The above argument theory always bring me fired by people. Because they believed this is impossible. Hence, if one counter price suddenly drop below historical price. They will not consider in details and will take immediate action invest all the money in to this said counter.

In my point of view, if anyone apply this theory. I believed the chances of winning are only less than 50%. Why?
Because of: -
a) This should have internal abnormal issue happen in this company.
b) This bad issue no ideal can be solved.
c) The previous good result was paint beautiful for publishing.

If you continue invest into the said company, there is no difference as throwing money into the sea. You only can stand on the beach to cry or screaming. Your hard earn money is not “Yet to return”, actually is disappear in the deep sea.

History price recorded in the chat or graft telling you, this is impossible and could be rebound anytime. But chat and graft never tells you. The major factor of pushing up the price of this company, somebody actually was eliminated it. So, the trap has cover by beautiful packing. Finally, this is zero price effect happen in this share.

At last, just remind if anyone who not believed the share price is started from Zero. I am here to advice, he/she should be quickly retired from investment market, otherwise the second victim may be is you.

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