Thursday, July 3, 2008

KL future index hit lower ar 1,117

The equities market suspended in the whole day on Thursday, but the future index still in trading. The bad news and unstable politic further deliver in the country. So, the future hit as low as 1117.

Is it a guide for 2morow equities market opening low to 1117. In my experience, if market plug down to previous adjustment lower record, usually another 10 to 15% lower from the breaking point. Previous record is 1157 to 1161, yesterday was broke.

Since may 08, in my article written in this blog . This is main reason, i am keep on warning to avoid the index link counter. 2morow is a challenging time.

Only i can do is " stop every trading in the market". Let 2 party fight each other, only plans u step.


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