Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a hawker

My profession is a hawker. So, please do not blame me if I am writing anything wrong at here. As a simple man, I never expect someone give me any good credit on my English Grammar. So, if you can't understand What I am trying to say at here. Just don't read this blog. My English Grammar from Alien................ HAHA..
My job can't give me a comfortable life. So sometime I am a bit desperate. Just wrote somethings for fun. Of course sometime it could make a sales man do not happy on me.From poor family I do not know what is college life or university life. I also never spare my time enjoying after my high school. In my 2/3 life time all is working
Friendly speaking, I do not know how to use " Could be", "Can be", "Won't", "Would be", "Will be" in the sentence. Not only that I also do not know write a sentence with good grammar. Like investors also always confuse whether should buy in penny stocks or fundamental stocks.
Perhaps I am just an ordinary people. So many things in the world I do not know and understand. Like module or atom or science I can't tell you how to differentiate it. 
With lack of language of me, I must read more than others. Of course I am respect those with strong written skill. They easily write an article and publishing in the media. But please do not used good English grammar cheat people. Like always highly recommend one stock with self interest or receive some money to promote a Bad company's shares. Maybe i am not good in English Grammar but I have never receive a single cent from any company to promote someone.

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