Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Show you some colours", Cantonese dialogue. That's mean "give you a lesson". Chinese festival choose red colour as peaceful, happy and wealth. So, reporters always write " openning red" as higher price on shares. Malaysian shareholders hate red on the shares screen, because that means lower price on shares.

Difference culture difference meanings. Difference location difference style to pronounce a same language. So, if you are not local and use the same language to talk, easily noted by someone you are not born in local.

Based on the above, if you are invest forex and shares in difference country. Better view it and watching the traditional of trade before start trading. Otherwise, you funds like pipe water, gone with the drain without any notices on you.

Today, maybe you got 1 million USD in hand. One day, market may tell you that million just can buy a Nissan C20 Van only. So, your are surprise and regret. When is the right time subject to how you approach yours in hand resources. Good investors should not listen to those financial planner. Because if they are so good, they will spend more time on own assets and no time to handler yours assets. Of course they may tell you, individual assets is limited. They are planning buy in more with volume. So that can earn more than normal. Investments not behave as mathematic formula simple like "one plus one equal to two".

Show some colour in shares market, every cents or every dollar give you a chance change the screen colour on the spot. Which colour your are prefer subject to yours immediate decision.

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Michael said...

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