Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy or Sad

Happy because you have gain something. Sad because of you had lose. So, if two emotion join up together, what is the effect?

I couldn't know. Hard to be came in same time in my life. Perhaps you have such experience. Can you tell me? Shares market bring most of the people sad and disappointed because some tycoon gain all advantages in hand. They are not distributing to you and me. So, how could we realised that is correct timing to sell or buy in?

Like HWGB recently from 30cents shut up to 90 above. What is going on? I have to predict or make some assumption on that. Firstly, maybe subsidiary company in Hong Kong have quoted better vision or better valuation. 2nd someone offer to buy in the major shareholders' stake.

Stepping to 2nd month of the year, What are you doing in this month? Sell or Buy? I am prefer buying when market already down 3 days. Up 3 days I am prefer to sell off. Basic or six sense tell me, no stocks can escape from heavy adjustment.

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casey said...

can you change the color of the text. Pink color is hard to read.