Monday, February 7, 2011


On turmoil situation, people have to select a country with lower argument of politic. So, recently USD stronger than others. That were happen like India, Indonesia and Asean countries sell off and hit market index down almost 3 to 7%.

Where are you running? We stay here, earn here. We do not have much choice. Uncle would said, lucky I am save some USD Fixed Deposit to eliminate the risk. So, he wouldn't loss anything. I call this type of person stupid. Why? Because before you start earn some interest, bank already earn about 3 to 5% surcharge on yours saving of the foreign exchange of currency. Maybe your are mentioned 3 to 5 years, but please do not forget when you wanna to sell it and take back local currency. You have to pay another surcharge on foreign exchange of currency. That time you are start regret on that because you have to receive discounted saving.

Today, is a first day of rabbit market start trading. Open red or green colour on yours' investments. Just watch it and learn it from every second of trading. After half hour of trading, you should able noted that where is the direction of this year.

Forget about turmoil in Egypt. Because your are staying at here. Choose your life positively with peaceful voting. So, voting correctly on everytime of general election to less future arguments. Please do not allow someone be a giant only sound out. Smart population born smart Government. If you think already suffer 50 years in he past, slowly change it by peaceful way. So, those management in Public listed company should learn some things on Egypt. Do not apply some stupid way like present some gift in AGM to convince shareholders. Do it proper by care of yours supporter. Top management should have proper plans to retire and not treat it as yours family business. Pick a talent to manage public listed company. That is not yours son or daughter should suitable on that sit. If so, please do not list it for public trading. Privatised it immediately, nobody will care or bother on it.

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