Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What are you doing?

Today, market hit higher because of USDJ stood at 12,000 points. So, brings a confident to player hold some shares over the CNY holiday. A long holidays in most of countries in Asia create some uncertain issues for holding shares in these period. Recently see some outflow of funds in Asia, people already start worries those valuation reports prepared by foreign corporation may do some down grade on Asia/Asean countries shares market. Especially Standard & Poor or Morgan Stanley's valuation report give more impact on the fluctuation.

How does it shown such impact? Because most of people closed their eyes to invest. These investors good on hearing but lazy to do homework on own. So, people said sell he was followed. People said buy, he also followed.

About 13 months rally lead by Asean or Asia countries. So, now funds manager are buying the developing countries' shares which should be able to pick up as far as got some signal on their economic start recover. This is all their thinking, actually the fact is not true. Why they can swing the shares price up and down? Because they are carrying the big/huge funds for investments. They use some strategy to convince some one trusted them to manipulate the funds.

In the event of investment, do you think anyone can help you be a Fund Manager.?That is impossible because yours funds is limited. Hence, what are you doing now? Please do some homework on your own before the big wave eat yours saving so easily.

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