Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have been interview few jobs in last 2 months. Final result was bad. Not disappointed but understand I should change the present address of me. Those head after referring my resume and do not believe I am capable to handler the job. They won't believe that is true and hard to believe a person can survive with strong general knowledge. Maybe they are was born at normal life and have been enjoy the peaceful school life. They are not even know what is the meaning of poor. I do not have strong background as well as rich relatives. I do not stay at High Class Location as well as no Mercedez in Hand. So, why this person holding a high post in the past record. They wondering and surprised because they are only trusted good background and good enviroment only can build a skillfull person. That's my bad point in my life.

In my child life, I had to think about how to survive in the next 24 hours. Home without any more rice and all of my family members should work hard in the day. Otherwise, everyone should prepare suffer the empty stomach in the day. So, I was remembered if salary out 360, after tomorrow just left 50. Most of my colleague complaint me never join them in the lunch. I felt shame but anyhow I should take first prirority in my family members. Others are not important.

A good company with widden view on operating the business. Sometime gain some better status in the market. Why Maxis lose some customers and Why Telekom lose the privilege? They not need suffer in the beginning stage and now still protect by someone. So, is they Good to buy in as investment?

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