Saturday, July 3, 2010


Genting Malaysia Berhad (Resort World Bhd) was announced Purchase a stake of England Casino from Genting Singapore. Why most of the analysis down grade the company? That's because analysis is a lazy man in the world, they hope people work crazy and earn money for them. They were sitting at there waits for the harvesting by way of gambler. They had beautify their money as investment although they have been done speculating.

Like your are choose a football team, definitely have one winner. If your are choose the right one, you were said the team is strong enough. Otherwise, you are penalise by people said you are gambling.

In these world, everyone hope pay little bit of money and wish gain extra. So, they are starting give instruction to you how to manage the company. Of course, you would said "This is my money, I have my right" . But I wants to tell those people, if your are not happy on that. Please go away and choose another company to invest. Rather than open a big mouth and keep on telling people are wrong. This is wasting yours time.

I am not 100% GENM do such transaction also. But if Genting Malaysia did that maybe they prefer use such funds to pay Genting Singapore instead of roll over the existing loans. So that eventually Genting Malaysia as a holding company of Genting Singapore can escape from any high risk of liquadation of assets. Maybe that is the right move.

In these situation. If I am a shareholder, I will prefer quite and quit. Not like others, continues blame because of small money and further guide someone should do this or do that.

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