Sunday, July 25, 2010

Powerful Father

I was found a kid, broke down people's car. Before he wanna to come in this area, he told security he had brought some medicine to rescue someone. If anyone stop him, he would through all the medicine in rubbish drum. So, the security was no choice and allow him enter the area. After, he had started broke some car. When someone claimed from him. He got a good support by Press Conference and scroll people. That's now end yet. His father and step father told us, He did nothing wrong because he is trying recover back his image due to some one criticise him.

In the above event, let us know. In the Share Investment we should looking a powerful father to support. So that mistake can turn around to positive. No money to operate business can lend from bank with no repayment. Nothing more to worry because black can turn into colourful or white.

In the bank industries, we should choose Maybank and CIMB because 2 of them have a good Father (PNB).

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