Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RMB- Currency of China

Recently, China has been changed the currency policy. This effect brought negative to capital market of China. Share price and housing price drop. Since 2005, speculating on currency been started. Now the chances of making money from that has been eliminated. Hot money start transfer out from the country. Soon, we can see property market turn down from high.

Who is benefit from that? I am predict Indonesia and Thailand are the big beneficiary on this circle. Hot money will transfer into the above said countries. Malaysia will enjoy some but not that so direct. Even though the amount is small, but the effects are big.

Malaysia's currency up slowly and now properties market start its rally. Next year, we can see high demand of properties and up to July 2011, the avearaging price will shut up about 30%. Those high class and quality location will shut up about 100% when compared with now.

So, which stocks we should pick in the shares market???????

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