Friday, July 9, 2010




Learn it and always have chance to execute it,it should be allow you earn some happiness.

A Friend who staying at far distance,now come here visit you. You should be glad full.

No one understand you, you are never felt desperate.
you must be a gentlemen.

Hard to be above attitude because now days most of the people aiming for earn more money to enjoying life. Who dare to allow you apply the unknown theory to his life? One day. if they successfully earn such money in hand but usually felt unsatisfied. When is the last day to stop hard working. When is the day to take a rest? They do not know and reluctant to know.

Hold somethings in hand normally need to scarify others. Hardly not feel desperate when choose a wrong counter in share market. So, hard to be a good gentlemen.




So, we should used above method to buy shares. So, everytime make mistake, do not blame anyone. Ractify it and start again.

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