Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Everybody wish someone give a free tips to earn extra in their life. Usually expected too much be burden and finally lose his own good skills. A trip visit Genting Resort Casino again because received an offer a free room.

People like speculating and gambling because it is given you zero effort to earn extra. Gambling allow you earn more than yours entitlement when compare yours monthly salary. So excited and interesting. So, some good investors purposely classified his gambling skill as investments to identified himself more status. Is it any difference between the gambling and investments? My own experience tell me, that is no difference at all.

Now, maybe a lot of people start blame me on above comments. Like I playing roulette, I am always guessing which is next drawn number. But I was always fail. Like someone choose a stocks based on someone report/recommend but finally the company under liquidation.

Similarly that is no free lunch in this world. Actually when you wants gambling, you need some capital in hand. So that you need to work for a month and use it for gambling. Yours hard earn money maybe a second change it to someone belonging. Like you had bought a shares from yours saving. Actually you earn a statement or a list of holdings. That is nothing much difference your are holding some colour chips in hand. If you lucky enough, your are " god of investments" or "god of gamble"

In view of the above, please watching carefully in hand capital before you wants to step into shares investment.

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