Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Market down only one day?

Why market only adjusted on last Friday? There were a fear US Fed going to withdraw from bailout. Asia Pacific scary and worries on last Friday. Subsequently, DJ up a bit on last Friday closed. So, investors ignore the fear on today. The reason is if DJ also not worries about that. Why we should bother about it?

This is funny and joke. Investors finally like a bird standing on the tree. Someone touching the tree and birds all run away. So, if there noted the man is not hunter. They flying back and sleeping and rest on the tree again.

Playing should not allow someone pull your nose. We are human being attached with good brain. So, never or neither because of one issue simply adjust yours portfolio or planning. It would cost you a lot.

Since your are negative on the run. Why your are never take a rest first? Instead of jump in and jump out like a bird. Why?????

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casey said...

i follow your blog quite regularly. You postings do reflect a rational person's view and thinking (especially regarding the economy and stock market)

I am also very impressed by your efforts to post in English. Obvioulsy your command of the language is quite limited, but you were able to translate your ideas (in Chinese, originally i suppose) quite effectively, even with very broken Engish.

Keep it up.