Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the wind or In the air

Share market news always "in the wind" more than "in the air". What I am understood, "In the wind" means rumours. " In the air" means going to happen. So, "measat" news is true or false? I do not know.

Last year, these counter " measat" had been spread over the same news. Maybe Astor going to merge it. Funny is "why it never suspend together"?

Speculating brings good return but also come with high risk. Usually I named it "Put money take money". Share speculating more interesting because you should have some basic knowledge about economic, politic and accounting. Without one or lack of one brings you suffer and continue lose.

Pick one of the share with good knowledge give you more chances to win or double up your capital. So, please do not use one strategy to analyst it. Learn more and continuously learn everyday keep your minds more clearance and accurate.

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