Monday, March 15, 2010

Exactly 7 days

Exactly 7 days not post any note at here. Because my view still negative on current up trend. If I am continue tell people don't buy. Maybe people will hate me. I am rather doing my own things to cover up my expenses.

Market hit up because of bank interest rate increased. So, analyst just predict next will be increase again. If rate increase usually bring currency note strong and share indirect become cheaper at current level. So, analyst can not sit there and wait. So, start strong buying on index link counter, help index broke new high to new level. Others shares market also follow the said trend because non main market like Malaysia had started recover. We think we are better. So, all shut up together.

Penny stocks did not follow and furthermore their main holders who lend money to held controlling stake be more pressure on Bank Negara policy. They need pay more in future. Hence sell more stocks in last 7 days to reduce their margin.

I am not fund manager, playing stock by support from salary. This round rally nothing concern to me.

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