Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Guidance

A group of people do not wants to take rice. On the other hands also forced people can not eat. They think they are God. Some members quit or resigned do not means people cannot live peacefully. Why they did that?

This is their bad culture. Everything do not follow instruction become illegal. Malaysia step in to such bad environment because this bad culture. Why people select migrated to oversea? Why foreign funds pull back? Let us imagine, if one day cabinet member resign and decided not taken rice on few days. Is it ordinary people take a bowl rice as food become illegal?

If one day entire company directors resign. Does it means company can not organise AGM? or Bar Shareholders attend AGM? Why big group of people must listen minority voice?

Usually if someone worry lost his own benefit then would stop people execute normal human right. If there is continue happen, I am worry Listed company Directors will follow their step. That is totally against shareholders' right and entitlement.

If authority keep quite, some one make take its as guide. So, every time if company directors just said that is illegal by way of conducted few meeting in short period of time to certify it that is illegal. So, company will lose more income as well as increase extra expense for such stupid activity.

We are investors. We should stop such stupid reaction. Unless the people said stop meeting can rescue 100% of human right or ordinary right. Or spend such time to rescue patient. Otherwise, stop meeting care only personal benefit leaders should kick off from this society or company.

So, we should respect Petra's CEO Ibarhim, although he was terminated by EGM but he had not act such stupid way to retain his position.

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