Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Politic vs Economic

Previously, Malaysia share market mostly depend or support by stable politic. After 308, the situation was changed. Like this month, MCA (one of the BN member) asked for reelection. But our market run up trend. So, if you used one ruler to measure it. Your have wrong judgement.

Today market up mainly due to some funds speculate on NEP ( New Economic Proposal) It is going to announce at this month end. But, I am not confident on that. Finally it will bring you a same style and maybe talk only and forever can't execute it.

Please do not forget, the policy to be success subject to 1.2 million government servant whether want to execute it or follow the new rule. They usually wait until you step down and hope for another new policy to benefit them. They are forever there and never or maybe call that they are no need facing any election in their life. So, no penalty on their bowl of rice.

Politic can be beautiful it by talk. But population life or economic can not be painted by way of talk. One day 1.2 million with us face no money to spend or maybe someone do not wants to sell things to us with rejected our national note. They are may understood or realise it in one of the day. Hopefully they are accept it.

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