Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Over React

After 2008 financial crisis. Some analyst like over react and automatically affected some investors. Like recently, LCL , Ramunia and Transmile faced heavy force selling on big adjustment on its price.

Actually that is a good speculating stocks. Of course in my mind, I hate Transmile because of someone bought in at high price and until today never cover back. Those people bought in Transmile because of Robert Kok stake price at RM6 per share and they used imagination Robert KOK would not do bad investment and not allow himself lose like that. Dream were not come true becuase Robert kok just lose 2 dollar from his own health. Him holding about 20 billion assets in hand, So lose 200 million like RM2.

Investors over react in share market like your are playing Bacarrat at Casino. In one game, When everybody bet "Player" made you hard to against them to bet "banker", although your are right. Finally you and group of people follow the ship named "titanic' and drop in to deep sea.

Gambling cost you lose yours mind in work. Be a professional player on every game, you should or you need to spend full time and full energy to concentrate. Otherwise one day you will regret.

Friendly speaking, I do not like market situation like now. So that I am working around and never through any cents on it. I am waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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