Friday, August 15, 2008

Stay Away from KLSE Market - Next Week Preview

KLSE market index break a supporting 1119. The coming next week is a critical road for all investors.

Reently I was predicted the palm oil future, it can break RM2300 per metric ton in soonest time. So, this is a impact to KLSE equity market. Because refer to the members of index counter at KLSE. The materials company represented a heavy weighted percentage for calculation of index points.

So, next week KLSE market will break 1050 easily, by pluge down lower against due to heavy adjustment on the oil and gas price in the international market.
Another bad issue is US dollar stronger in the coming season. Although the oil and gas will continue registered lower price . But due to all materials and commodities trading in international market by US dollar. Hence, the inflation will not be reduced for Asia pacific country.
Finally, we can see only USA could enjoy the cheapest comodities but Asia country still suffering the high inflation impact.
Nobody will know the lowest but stay away from equity market is a good idea startegy in these coming three months.

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