Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A RICH MAN' S GAME (Why should i worry for you?)

A lot of peolple in doubt, What is happening today heavy adjustment? For me, i won not surprise, because i am fully understand this is a rich man game. Why we should worry about rich man money disappear in the market adjustment.

The main reasons are : -
a) Our country is developing country, so investors range derived from above middle range class population.
b) Our analyst and media does not tell the true story about this game rules to orinary peolple.
especially the time frame for projected price,

Hence, this adjustment i quote as rich man money burn into air.

They trying to ask me, but the answer from me is negative and disappointed. Because i believed the price for oil palm may see as low as RM2,300 per metric ton and our composite index higher ratio on oil palm stock. So, the adjustment on heavy weight is not end yet.

Now, I am keen to invest into penny stock now, others not interested at all. On May 08 onward, in this blog i already given the signal and ask investor do not buy any index link counter. But i believed noboday will trust it and saying that i am biullshit.

No matter how, this result happen is not me created and expected. But if you are an small investors why should you involved into big tycoon stock. Is it the 5 stars stock is only in the market for you to select.

So, this heavy adjustment on 5 stars stockshould not brings you any impact, because you are a rich man. Why should i worry for you?

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