Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sime Darby and IOICorp

The heavy weight index member in KLSE, Sime Darby and IOICorp plug down again. I believed a lot of people intend to buy this stock for long term investment. Is it now is an opportunity to buy in?

Actually as an ordinary people, nobody will know the lower price. But, normally this heavy weight index member’s price plug down due to some smart and intelligent analyst has been down grade the future earning. The report has been circular to specific client. Hence, the specific client will start selling off of his holding. Thus, last 2 weeks ago, you could see the heavy selling volume happen in the market. Today, another big funds also follow the step selling off the above said counter.

What is the supporting level? Basically, if I am an investor I will,

a) Waiting the specific shares registered low volume about 1 month.
b) Waiting the palm oil price in future market break RM2,300
c) Waiting the palm oil price in future market registered 2 times of limit down.
d) Waiting local media keep on given negative opinion on the above said counter about 1 or 2 months.

After the above circumtances all happen in the equity and future market only decide the buying price.

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Mike Forex Cable said...

U give very good advice. Thanks for sharing. Can start buying Liondiv now ie below 1.00. Thanks again