Thursday, August 7, 2008

Short Term Investment

Actually when we face the market adjustment, everybody become helpless. But the games rule is like that, only is up or down.

Basicly, i dun like introduced any counter for people buying. Because my plan of holding usually less than 3 days. On the same time, normally i buying in bulk and enjoy litter bit profit will release a stock. This is discourage to those people like to holding shares for long term investment.

By the way, if u r keen to play short term stock, pls buying a HSI-C6 for 2 days run. Please do not forget earn oledi pls donate some money to charity.

After 3 days adjustment, market will move side line. I am here predict market in the evening will close at position points> Maybe it will be wrong. But i love to predict. I am still discourage and hold negative point of view (downgrade) on index link counter

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