Sunday, August 24, 2008

Market Preview - 25/8 to 29/8

If you are always in the equities market. You always may noted every last 5 days had a small up run, but it could not happen in this month.

Please do not forget, US DJ has a run at 11,200 to 11,700 range about a month. This is do not highlighted the market already stop heavy adjustment. It only reflected that the market no actual direction in this month.

So, if the day US Dj or China market break the strong support level, (predict DJ is 11,200 and Shanghai 2,300 point is a support). Two of the market seems like coming soon to break this support if USA dollar strong in the coming season.

So, i am still negative to KLSE index counter will give a up trend surprise. Beware and run out from market is a good idea for all investors.

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