Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why they are fighthing?

In Malaysia, those day got 2 politic parties' leaders fight on one issue. They are childhood talk in Facebook and fighting in Twitter. That's make ordinary people felt funny. Actually in current situation, they should try hard to develop our country economic. Is not just wasting so much time on writing note in Twitter to fight each other.

Yesterday PM of Malaysia mentioned he do not want ALIBABA. That;s wrong and misleading. Other group of Malaysian respect the constitution of law and allow some group sitting there with no contribution on effort and then sharing the profit. This is requested by them until today. Furthermore now asking for more because they are 67% of total population in Malaysia.

The NEP and past 50 years Malaysian Project have been created a group of people demand and waiting for distribution of Grandfather Assets. No one create ALIBABA. Just because some one monopoly some jobs with no knowledge do handle it. So that assignment some one to take over. They are happy on such monopoly. So, PM should stop such special allocation and should base on merit and ability of people for awarding such jobs or projects. That's only can forever eliminating such culture. That's no our fault. Is BN Fault? Go back to Cabinet and tell yours people stop such policy immediately. No people interested on Slogan in front of media with no action been taken.

If the policy been amended, we can see such open minded can invite/attract some high technology step in to Malaysia and allow Malaysian have a chance to improve and learn the High quality of skill. So that the high income of population can be achieved. Otherwise, that is another Slogan only.

Share investment become a good game if ignore some bad attitude like ,: Someone always enjoy free sharing of people effort with zero contribution. Pending some projects with a reason is no enough qouta. or pending certain project for approval in 15 years because of individual feel not happy. System delay with no such policy. Thats bad attidtude should be erase it immediately to meet the change.

So, Please our beloved YB should spend more time on that instead of like kids fight in the ground. Otherwise, one day the vote will drop into sea with feeling of sadness.

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