Sunday, August 1, 2010


As I was mentioned in the recently post at here. China changed its currency brings more advantages to Asean. Total amount of FDI about 1 trillion going to transfer here. Who has holding a properties in good location will earn double from existing value.

Those who not have any properties in hand should select some properties and keep it until next year for the rally. My current financial situation turn bad, so that hard to take some money enjoy this rally.

If I am a developer, I will lauch project in year 2011 but delay the booking in advance. After six months only start the collection together with fixed the selling price. Potential purchaser happy to chase it at high price becuase the demand is hot.

Developer should collecting some land from now to enjoy the benefit of appreciation of the value. Accounting rule FRS139 helping them earn extra on that and valuation of the company will enhance. So, public listed company which aggressive buying land in the day, there is a good investment stock.

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