Monday, August 2, 2010

Who will benefit?

Soon, we can see national election being call in Malaysia. The recent activities done by politician showned some signal, Furthermore little bit of pressure on treasury of government force them call on it. If i am not mistaken, the general election date most probably plan held on end of these year.

So, a high risk of flutuation of stock price and big impact on those speculator in these coming 3 months. if you do not have any holding power to hold it more than 4-6 months. You better stay away from market.

The good price offering by properties must support by stable politic in the nation. If the high price of properties can shut up better than impact of unstable politic. The hazzle be less and profit of properties will sustain.

Every single impact all inter related and cannot be ignore by your own judgement. So, run fast with hit the specific one with big volume and aim for earn marginal profit bring more advantages.

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