Thursday, August 5, 2010

A serenity life

Wants to build or develop a serenity home not that easy. Be a humble man also not that easy. Buy shares brings me unreasonable and need to against some negative trend. Somehow a lot of people were commented you did wrong on specific one. So that kind of pressure bring your hard to serenity and brings it back home be harmony.

Your mind all stuck by fluctuation of the shares price, follow by the action in crazy. Just telling your are a story, recently a man who stay in my village strike a jackpot about 10 million ringgit. I do not know how his cool down to accept the fortune but a bit respect him so calm and steady.

Shares price brings one person wealth up and down. So that riches man always said he was never buy share and hold some valuable properties and now be a multi millionaire.

So, if you wants to have a serenity life. pls forget the share investment in yours life.

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