Friday, August 27, 2010

Sudden died

Almost sudden died on last sunday. A car banged me heavily and I was uncousious immediately. While wake up I was in the hospital wad.

These day was deal with the car driver, She is a young lady and keep on told me she do not have money. But I am quite surprising in their family, they all owned more than three car. Finally she told me she felt wronged on this matter of the accident.

This is not a incident, that's real accident. Because it was happend in the middle of the roundabout. I was drove a bike inside the roundabout and a car suddenly come out from my left side of road and then banged me. She had never stopped her car when reached the road of the roundabout. I think no one expect her came out. I am believe those drive who have good attitude should not did such action as her.

Funny was, she told me I should not claimed as victim. otherwise she would feel wronged. How come I can not introduced myself is a "victim". What did she mean?

So, Please tell me " What is meaning of wronged" Is it I should died on these accident only can help her not feel wronged? or I should erase all my memories with zero claim on medical expenses only can help her feel comfortable.

How come those day young teenage have such thinking? Is it means that certify "a killer should feel wronged with unsuccessful task"? Does he/she can use this feeling aply from court as their defending reason?

Maybe this is a new generation's world, Maybe that is a new guide for me to trade stock. MAYBE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have most probably sudden died. That's finally give me a new lesson to undeerstand more on youngest. The meaning of wronged interpreted by youngest is " You must silently kill by me, otherwise they will feel wronged" or " If youngest make a mistake, please do not tell them, just walk out with silent"

Thats a total differencely world I and youngest. In my own dictionary, "Wronged" means I did right thing but someone mark as negative on it.

How come so much of difference ?????????? Is it I had so outdate? or ,Maybe I was step into Alien's atmosphere?


I-notice said...

feel sorry for you, being hit purely out of other stupidity. you should sue her in civil court for compensation, the lost time to trade, the lost of material and cost of medical bill, and then follow by having the court revoke her license for life!!... these driver shouldn't be let to drive and "kill" others.

and by apologising will get them "learn"?? why we have court and law... is to put these people out from the road for good.

and your english is very difficult to understand, any chance you try to write your blog in mandarin in future?

investbullbear said...

Hope you get well soon.

stockname said...

Sorry, not feeling well, I really do not understood what I had wrote. Already ammeded, maybe better!!!!!.

Thanks yours' regards.