Sunday, August 29, 2010

A person

Sorry my friend. Still learning and trying hard improve my "Rojak English". The last article did some ammendment, Feel free read again. 100 times apology............................

An individual/a person, a family, a society and then a nation. That's a foundation of one country's economic. Without these circle or lose of any important part, that may spoilt certain things.

A country grouped by people who have variety of thinking, education, difference environment and background. Hence, all is difference entity. Hardly to join up together.

The difference while apply by the above relationship chart. Automatic created an economic activities in the country. A power, motion or propulsion of economic bring population enjoy better resources from the earth.

So, a person should not pass negative minded to another. A person should not lie to people. A person should not have greedy attitude to control or monopoly earth resources.

Now, stock market have such giant company monopoly certain sources and information. Do they happy grab human resources to satisfying certain people? I hate such GLC because they are totally spoilt the natural of human being relationship chart. They had created a topic and used an excuse to monopoly. It is a myth? One day, I believe the myth tale will burst.

How come some specific fund control certain GLC listed companies always can give good dividend? Although that giant company had announced a bad result. Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Monopoly has never been good and has done no good to the society in any form business or politics. it is always harmful. in business it is to bad to have that.