Monday, February 8, 2010


Some investors like to choose day to buy in or sell. Like very Friday, they do not want to take risk because they claim that long weekend may happen anything and incur big loss. That is wrong and funny. If they are have such thinking. They should not hold any stocks. Otherwise, every week they also not happy on that.

Some people say there is some window dressing on certain stocks to make the book value better. That is old strategy. As a good Funds Manager, they should aware which stocks can give good return on yearly earning. They are not depend on one day price to determine a good stocks. They are more likely love such stocks run at lower price when they are still collecting.

So, CNY coming soon. Are you plans to buy something or sell some stocks? So that if you are a good player should be able to read some data on certain period of the equity market movement. That is more important than specific day.

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