Saturday, February 6, 2010

What should I say?

A bad situation was happen. I can't even write a note at here. Because when I was referred back my last month my note at here. The title named "My opinion" has been correct. If I continue said something at here. It may make more in hurt.

Basically , equity market did not worst than our expectation. It still can allow you make money. Of course it should not unlimited delivery money to you. Otherwise no one will study in future and no one wants to work again.

This situation mainly due to most of the countries' government did not clean the rubbish. In year 2008, actually base has been totally hit. But government through all the food inside without any proper planning. So that some powerful people use it as weapon and deny they has been made any mistake. Any group of people received such food, do not know how to manipulate well. Finally the gap become bigger and bigger. So assets price fly to high hill and certain investment assets unlimited up. But no one care about it. This round hit again will create more fears and suffering. Because Governments lack of weapon or maybe we can say they are no more effectiveness weapon.

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