Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bore day In Genting Highland

As everyday noted, I have been unemployed about 1 and half months. So, today went to Genting Resort take a visit. Enter inside the casino, found that most of the table empty. Why? Maybe recent economic brought people fear and do not wants to spend.

I just took a short move and after a hour back to KL. On my way home, I just predict maybe some big player save money and planning fight at New Casino located at Singapore. So, is it affected Genting Business. That is hard to predict. Because as I know, people like new thing and enjoy new thing if the cost remain unchanged.

Look at today market, Like roller coaster game. Few hours down and finally recovered. Please do be happy, is just some investors trying to average down the investment cost. And some speculators aim for festival rally. This is all jokes. They have ignore some basic rule of equity investment game. We should trust every time the heavy adjustment come, you must not try to against it. Just wait some data tell you where is the support level instead of mistakely use yours own thought to identify it.

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