Friday, February 19, 2010

Need Spend Money for Monthly Expenses

Like previous month, every month need to take out some money for house expenses. Now, this become as burden and pressure on me. Since after school, everytime I also attached with employment. So, never feel that kind of pressure in my life.

Since last month, must think about how to take out some money and paid for the bills. That is terrible life. It;s just like you invest on one share and hope for capital return. But finally it had closed below yours investment cost. That's bad.

Japan suddenly faced selling off in the closing time. So that it would affected most of the market with same Regional faced the same trend. One day hit down all the positive trend in the week. Market seems like looking another low level after a long rally of higher. Investors hard to choose stocks to keep and excersive the right issue become a big burden. Because although trying hard to lower down the cost but big amount of the capital must reverse for it for long long period of times.

Life is pressure same like investments. So, need time to deserve it.

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