Friday, June 13, 2008

Young Teenage in the current economic situation(what should they do)

A lot of people said investment of share needs a lot of money. Is it true? In the normal circumstances this is true. If every investment need to hold for long period of time, it can bring you and me a burden.

Hence, buying share or investment for young teenage is a luxury item and not reliable. In this century, young teenage look for modern way and fast way to earn money. Hence, if you ask them to hold for long period, they will reject you offer. When you offer them a Hi tech mobile phone cost RM3K, they immediately pay and purchase it. On the other hand, if you ask them purchase 1000 shares of Resort at RM3k, they may consider 10 years. The attitude of approaching assets/wealth in hand brought you surprising.

In this century, Finance Institution offers a lot of products for investment. But, these products attracted mostly from old man to buy. Young Teenage will be interested on how many credit cards they can apply.

The bumble of economic created by way of unbalancing of demand and supply. If any extremely apply to one side, the abnormal situation may arrive. Hence, the economic based will be spoilt and need some time to recover.

The difference group of people brings difference vision and opinion. Old man needs to save for retirement but youngest need money to spend. If the economic base created inflow money and outflow money is equivalent. The economic based become strongest. But usually sometime the unbalance may derive to hit the base.

As a responsible leader, he/she must good to adopting the policy to maintain the balancing. The policy should not attach any self-interest because it may bring another impact on unstable base. If self-interest applying into the policy, it similar likes an earthquake plus nuclear bomb into same place. Finally brings a forever hazard destroy.

At here, if the young teenage still enjoying at wonderful dream and not given a hand to support old age people. Eventually, both groups of people may fall into unhappy life.

Wake Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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