Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is the lower price for KLSE shares

In this period, KLSE index link counter perform badly. As normal, a lot of people waiting a chance to buy cheap counter. But there is not easy to select the right and best buy counter. Because this round blue chip never ending registered lower and lower.

Let us study the move of the blue chip. Started from May 08, Maybank is the first to break the support level RM8.00 although the index maintained at 1290. Genting and Resort also break the support of RM7.00 and RM3.50. While index lower at 1270, Gamuda and MRCB break the 52 weeks low in the record.

After record the new lower price on above counters. On June 08, KLCE index one day broke 3 support level, that is 1269, 1253 and 1219.

Today, market hanging around at 1220 to 1230 points. But Genting, Resort and TMI registered the history lower price again. Is it a signal shown that market index may hit lower again.

In my opinion, the chances of hit lower will soon presenting in KLSE. History already guides me, usually the lower adjustment will be 3 times repeated. It brings you unbelievable and surprise. The lowest price hit attached with a lot of impossible news. The bad news seems like true and may happen on any minute.

But, the 3 rd round of heavy adjustment is a good opportunity to buy lower price for blue chip. Although there is a lot of rumours tell you avoid buying.

Hence, please do not waste your bullet (money) at this movement. Save it and waits.

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