Friday, June 13, 2008

Malaysia culture affected our investment portfolio

In Malaysia KLSE stock market, we had number of shareholders in every company. Hence, during the AGM you can see crowded in the meeting hall. In this scenario, we should proud of it but fact always be disappointed.

Do you know why so many people attend the said meeting? I personally noted that the shareholders actually interested on: -

a) Free food and drink
b) Free door gift
c) Free voucher

The Board of directors if wants to divert the shareholders attention on performance of company. They could given more the above items to the shareholders to ignore query.

Is it this all is culture of Malaysia? As a human being, desired on free cost things is normal. But, actually we had indirectly given a chance to bad quality management team to escape the responsibilities on manage the company in the healthy way.

Hence, while the said company surprising announced the company has been group into PN4 or PN17. Minority shareholders only can stand behind blaming. Finally, the own investment fund has been burn without any notice.

Based on the above illustration on our Malaysia investor character. In future if you or me attend the said meeting, we should ask ourselves

“What should we do in the AGM?

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