Monday, June 9, 2008

Today my activities in KLSE

Today market open pluge at 19 points and lower at 25 points. I am online trading and found that at 9.30am KPS move from lower (fr 2.14 to 2.23). I quickly watch out the KHSB and JaKS movement. After study, i jump in to buy KHSB at .65 and Jaks at .68.

But 1st session closed, the above 2 counter did not perform well. But, after 3.30 KPS start a moving show . It break 2.28 and up to 2.40. it brings another hit the higher.

Hence, the above give me some profit. Of course 2morow maybe not that lucky to pick share to earn. But i felt happy because that is not easy to looking the right counter.

I got a friend he maybe can do it. If your are trust him, pls contact him 0193318319 mr teen. He is nice and friendly.

i am still remain unchange my view on KLSE 3 months run. Avoid index counter and play penny stock.

Thanks your spent time to view my blog.

write on 9/6/08 9.30pm

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