Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it Window Dressing happen on Monday?

Overview the local market move and overseas market plug down again on last friday. The effect on window dressing may not happen.
But, in Malaysia big and blue chip counter mostly control by PNB, kWSP and Unit Trust Manager. It seems like have some chance for small investors run on Monday to avoid the classification by analysis said " Adjust 20% low fr higher point may bring market turn into bear run/move"
In fact ,in my own investment theory. i won't trust any window dressing move. Because market wanna to up or down must support few factors. If only one factor effect happen usually the move will be short and dangerous.
I still recommend penny stock in this week. If you dare to buy, pls select

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RL said...

Hello, hmm... my style which is 100% TA, dont really believe in window dressing either... but if there will be or not, does not really matter.... cos i only only follow charts... :)