Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fall 200 points??????????

KLCI broke 1320 points, based on normal it should fall about 200 points only can sustain. That was a good excuse market finally found PPB as bomb to hit down. Otherwise, other issue will brings more impact in it.

Euro bond be a toxic as well as others countries all had carried such toxic in hand. How to identify it borrower in the due date can afford to redeem it. That is uncertain and unpredictable. everything depend on how much trusted on it.

Like yours friends lend you some money, if one day he need you pay immediately to him. Of course you can do it. If you have other choice or others friend, maybe you can be settled it. Now, actually everybody do not have cashflow in hand, all must pay by alternative way. Finally, everybody issue another bond to rescue the old bonds. Does it work ????????????????

Currentlly, the consumer's needs and unreasonable chasing those luxury things in our human being mind become important than normal life requirement. So, a lot of people feel unfair on such situation. Whoever has such ability and entitlement credit limit, he /she do not care about others. In their mind, Spending is more important than others. One day , really can not settle the debt, just stand on the road and play some on strike game.(like Greece 's people). Government will help o settle it or maybe force others countries absorb yours loans. That is simple and fantastic. Banker happy on all circulation because they can more commission and obtain better bonus on every issue of new bonds.

Market fall down brings selfish attitude and it will spread it fast. Everyone hope someone carry the baby for them. So, if KLCI lost 200 points, please do not surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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