Sunday, May 23, 2010

Save the Best for Last

Vanessa Williams's song tell us should "Save the Best for Last". One of the sentence asked " Isn't the world a crazy place". Last week, that was a crazy week in share market. All people burnt some assets in hand thru investments.

In the shares investment's game, we hard to save the best for last because some fears thru crazy trading would make you panic and sad. So, we should trying save some money in this hazrd situation.

Usually during share market faced heavy adjustment, we should not classified it good share or good value. We have to do is we must run fast than normal day. Otherwise, one day you may fears to buy when market reach a strong support level.

Always remember, you life is shorter than market. Some stocks need a decade or 10 years to recover. Some stocks forever missing.

Regional market will start adjust heavyly because when the investors noted their shares lose heavy than expectation. The Euro region dilemma will spread the worries to Asia in this coming week. So, some business man fears their business deal cannot succeed and some contract will suspend. Market cash flow tighthen than expectation push them clear some investments in hand.

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