Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today Market

Today Malaysia shares market hit 11point above. It seem like from bottom recover. I never do anything in the market but predict today MRCB may fall to 1.65 close. Terbau close at 72 cents.

Actually, i won not trust market have any good shares or bad shares. Maybe i can said that "In my view, market only have a shares can contribute me a small profit is a good share."

Hence, i wll view on particular counter which can provide me a profit. Other than that i am not interested.

Yesterday meet a pretty girl at Mama shop. I am wondering and predict he run away from home ,while i sa her carry some much things . After asked her, she told me just back home town. Life is like that, sometime you won't ask never know. The fact actually is difference story.

In the shares market, please open your eye, close your ears and trust the data on the screen. People can cheat you by month, but history data on the screen would not cheat you.

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