Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prediction movement on share market on Monday

As your are aware, the Down Jone market perform badly on last week closing. As an investors, other issues like commodities market up trend also bring inflation fears. This issue happen bring a negative impact to next week share market performance.
By the way,In Malaysia market it should not have any heavy adjustment, its due to oil and oil palm may help to support the sentiment.
Malaysia Goverment on Friday also announced some new rule on steel trading. It make some new issue for speculating. It will not bring market up trend but at least can sustain at 1270 to 1288 points.
Today until end of June 2008, market may not bring any surprise to investors.
Of course some superstar may give you a gain. But it is not easy to identify it.
I hereby advised that if your are day trader, you bullet(money) should save it now. until oneday the market has a up rally signal only aggressively buy in.

However, it is not easy to control your needs. As an investors, three basic market element play very important role. That is attitude of " Buying, Selling and Wait"
If you well playing on this 3 rule, you may be a good trader.

Write on 1.30pm 10/5/08

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