Monday, May 26, 2008

Market turn bad

As usual, market registered negative on index after today closed. This does not bring any afraid but if your are invest into 2 or 3 line shares. Its bring a very bad impact on your investment profolio.

If the shares market face a heavy fluatuation, this is not so worry. The market price reduce amount by way of very slow. It brings you worry and no direction.

Usually, if i see the side way move. I recommend sale. If your agree the market now run at side way very quitely. Please do it sale as soon as possible.

The adjustment will be soon and bring a very bad return.

I am not aware the market index can support at which level. But usually the data will inform me.
If the good signal data appearing in the market.

i wll give you a signal.


write at 6.30pm 26/5/08

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